Chaire de recherche du Canada en histoire environnementale du Québec

Liste alphanumérique des périodiques

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Lennox and Addington Historical Society. Papers and Records
Pacific Affairs [Canada]
Pacific Historian
Pacific Historical Review
Pacific Northwest Forum
Pacific Northwest Quarterly
Pacific Studies
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology
Paper Trade Journal
Papers of the Algonquian Conference
Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America
Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada = Cahiers de la Société bibliographique du Canada
Papers of the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters
Par-delà le Rideau
Park News
Parliaments, Estates & Representation [Great Britain]
Past & Present [Great Britain]
Past Imperfect [Canada]
Patrimoine express. Cahier spécial
Pennsylvania Archaeologist
Pennsylvania History
Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage
Perspectivas Pedagogicas [Spain]
Perspectives - La Presse
Perspectives - Le Soleil
Perspectives in American History
Perspectives in Biology and Medicine
Perspectives in Canadian Economic History
Pharmacy in History
Philosophy of the Social Sciences = Philosophie des sciences sociales
Physics in Canada = La Physique au Canada
Physis [Italy]
Picoides: Bulletin of the Society of Canadian Ornithologists = Bulletin de la Société des ornithologistes du Canada
Pioneer America
Pioneer America Society Transactions (P.A.S.T.)
Pioneer Canada
Plains Anthropologist
Plan Canada
Planning History Bulletin
Planning Perspectives [Great Britain]
Plural Societies [Netherlands]
Polar Geography
Polar Geography and Geology
Polar Record [Great Britain]
Policy Studies Journal
Polish American Studies
Political Geography Quarterly [Great Britain]
Political Science Quarterly
Politics [Australia]
Politics & Society
Polity: The Journal of the Northeastern Political Science Association
Popular Science Monthly
Population [France]
Population and Development Review
Population Studies
Portuguese Studies Review
Power House
Prairie Forum [Canada]
Presidential Studies Quarterly
Proceedings and Transactions of the Nova Scotia Institute of Science
Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science
Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society
Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the French Colonial Historical Society
Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Western Society for French History
Proceedings of the Canadian Phytopathological Society
Proceedings of the Eleventh Annual Meetings of the Forest History Association of Wisconsin, Inc.
Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Ontario
Proceedings of the Geological Association of Canada
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers
Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society
Proceedings of the Nova Scotian Institute of Science
Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society of Australasia [Australia]
Proceedings of the Royal Society of Canada = Délibérations de la Société royale du Canada
Proceedings. 5th Canadian Symposium on the History of Sport and Physical Education
Professional Geographer
Prologue: Journal of the National Archives
Prologue: Quarterly of the National Archives and Records Administration
Prospects: An Annual of American Cultural Studies [Great Britain]
Protée [Canada]
Provence historique
Public affairs
Public Health Nursing
Public Historian
Public Land Law Review
Public Opinion Quarterly
Pulp & Paper Canada
Pulp and Paper Magazine of Canada
Pulp and Paper of Canada