Chaire de recherche du Canada en histoire environnementale du Québec

Liste alphanumérique des périodiques

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IA - The Journal of the Society for Industrial Archaeology
Idaho Yesterdays
IEEE Annals of the History of Computing
Illustrated Canadian Forest and Outdoors
Illustrated Canadian Forestry Magazine
Imago mundi
Imperial Oil Review = Revue Imperial Oil
India Quarterly [India]
Indian Archives [India]
Indian Pulp and Paper
Indiana Magazine of History
Indiana Social Studies Quarterly
Industrial and Labor Relations Review
Industrial Relations = Relations industrielles [Canada]
Information Bulletin - Western Associations of Map Libraries
Information Forestry
Information historique [France]
Information scientifique
Informations et documents (France)
Informavic - Collège Marie-Victorin
Inland Seas
Inroads [Canada]
Inside Agroforestry
Inter-American Economic Affairs
International Affairs [USSR]
International Environmental Affairs
International History Review [Canada]
International Insights
International Journal [Canada]
International Journal of Canadian Studies = Revue internationale d'études canadiennes [Canada]
International Journal of Historical Archaeology
International Journal of Maritime History [Canada]
International Journal of Nautical Archaeology and Underwater Exploration
International Journal of the History of Sport
International Journal of Urban and Regional Research [Great Britain]
International Journal of Wildland Fire
International Migration Review
International Organization
International Perspectives [Canada]
International Social Science Journal [Great Britain]
International Studies Notes
International Wildlife
Interventions économiques
Inuit Art Quarterly
Inuit Studies = Études Inuit [Canada]
Island Magazine [Canada]
ISLE [Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment]
IUCN Bulletin